research methods

Exercise 3: Quantitative Research This exercise is worth 5% of the total marks available for this module. It is one of a series of four exercises that take place through the term, the total value of which is 20% of the module marks. The remaining 80% is assessed through an unseen examination. Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to think about how to design a quantitative study and collect quantitative data. You will need to think about important considerations that might affect the methodological choices you make. Instructions You are a business consultant who has been brought in to help a finance company called Moneypenny that is struggling with managing their employees. Specifically, despite hiring equal numbers of men and women at entry-level positions, Moneypenny has a large gender gap at higher levels in the firm, with women comprising only 10% of managers and executives. The CEO of Moneypenny wants you to design a study and collect quantitative data to try and figure out why the gender gap exists and how it could be remedied. The CEO has given you permission to contact employees and examine organisational records. Complete the table below, answering each question. Your answer should not exceed 500 words. You can write in bullet points as long as your meaning is clear.

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