Report on the Amazon alternative strategic paths

Amazon is currently utilizing a subscription as well as an open business model. More recently, the firm is aggressively diversifying its product portfolio with unknown repercussions. Due to this uncertainty, the board of directors has tasked you as head of business development to propose at least two alternative strategic paths. Each option should clearly detail the benefits of the business models, proposed competitive advantage; revenue streams; cost structure; value proposition and the intended market segment.

Students will be expected to analyse Amazon’s current business operations and strategy.
Students NEEDS to justify the arguments and narratives that they present.
Should the firm consolidate its current portfolio before seeking to expand?
Determine the medium to long term strategy and path to meaningful growth at Amazon

You are required to write a report that details the case for a comprehensive business model. The report should be 2500 words.
You Need to attach a completed business model template in support of your report.
Bowman’s clock model needs to be used also

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