Religion as a system of beliefs .

One might begin by defining religion as a system of beliefs based on human beings’ effort to elucidate the universe and natural phenomena, frequently linking one or more divine beings or other mystical forces and also entailing or binding devotees to pursue set religious commitments. Nevertheless, no particular definition is effusively adequate for the reason that no distinct definition can envelop the broad assortment of beliefs and customs that people call “religion.” In the following composition I will discuss the probable origins of religions and their influence on people’s lives. However, rather than discuss each major religion and their beliefs one by one, along with their chronicles, which are virtually proverbial to individuals today, I find it most crucial to explore a relatively unheard of religion called Zoroastrianism, and its connections to the religions of the world today. It is believed that the Neanderthals of 30,000 to 100,000 years ago were the earliest group to believe in a god or gods. The basis for this belief is that they buried their deceased along with tools, weaponry, or food. Scientists speculate that the Neanderthals anticipated those items to be of use to the departed in a “life after death” “? a fundamental belief of the majority of religions (Mazour and Peoples 5-6). The Neanderthals had learned that life is transient, resulting in an intolerable emotional drain, hence a fostering of beliefs in a life after death. Early people also had no way to resolve questions a propos the seasons, fertility, death, birth, etc. and religion could appease many of their questions and fears. “The impulse to worship lies deeply ingrained in the heart of everyman” (Bach 9). Perhaps we may well refer to the Neanderthals also as founders of religion, though they most likely had no objective of being such, nor did they have a name for their religion. That is, until thousands of years passed, and practices …

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