Reform is the development

Reform is the development or improvement of the society which is possible to be brought about by those who are really dedicated to the work and who really love the society and who are moved by the bad conditions of the people. The person who wants to bring reform will not think about what the society thinks about him, but he will only care about the improvement and good. He will definitely face the problems and difficulties coming in his way. No one would want to be view with disrespect by others. Infact they gain respect by serving the poor and disabled. Reputation and social standing is only a consequence of their activities but not the intentions of the reformers. If so they are really not called as reformer. A reformer is person who brings about the actual development. If a person wants to become famous he can choose many other ways like films, Television, politics,”?not alone social service which is far more difficult than any of these and involves no other purpose like earning money unlike others. I would like to give a very good example of a social reformer who is well know to the whole world because of her sacrifice to reform a place which is not even her native. I am talking about the Great Mother Theresa who was born in Ugoslavia and came to India and saw a very poor and dirty place in Calcutta and the people suffering over there and she was greatly moved by the site and thought in her mind the she has to do something good for these poor, disabled, unclean, uneducated people. She told them how to be neat, started a small school in that same place and made them to write on the wet land. She even served the diseased people who were suffering with cholera and plague where others felt scared of coming near those diseased. Slowly she gained some followers who would join her in those activities and grown in to a big organization. She did never stop serving the people even after she gained a lot of popularity. Mother Theresa…

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