Quantitative Research Critique Paper

Purpose and Overview The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the research process by analyzing one quantitative research study. In Week 3, the mentor will select the research report for this critique, and will post the reference and/or link to the article in an announcement to the class. Directions Prepare a grammatically correct paper, in APA format, that addresses the following about the assigned research study/report. Submit your paper using the assignment submission link. Note: Chapter 2 in Rebar and Gersch has a good overview of how to critique research reports. ? ? Overview of study o Author?s qualifications o Title appropriate to study o Abstract with essential elements ? Introduction o Problem Statement/Justification o Statement of Purpose(s) ? Literature Review o Research studies relevant and current o Theory/framework present o Link to Nursing/Nursing science o Explicates research question(s), hypothesis(es), and/or objective(s) ? Methods o Research question/hypothesis/objective presented o Study design linked to research question(s)/objective(s)/hypothesis(es) o Study variables present with definitions o Sampling method linked to question and design o Ethical consideration present o Data collection methods consistent with question/design o Data analysis method linked to level of measurement ? Discussion/recommendations linked to findings ? ? Practice implications [MO12.2] For guidance on the use of APA format refer to the APA publication manual. Alternatively, within your course site, click Student Resources at the top of the page then Educational Resources and Writing Style Guides. Within the guides, search for ?APA Style.?

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