Qualities of a Magnificent Man

Qualities of a Magnificent Man In the movie, Dead Poet Society, Robin Williams plays an unorthodox teacher in an all-boy preparatory school that practices absolute conformity. The administration, absent Mr. Keating, and the boys’ parents believe that the level of conformity was best for the students. Because of this, the idea of making their own decisions rarely, at best, crosses the boys’ minds. But when Mr. Keating comes along, he teaches them to think for themselves and they respond very well to his teaching practices. His strong supportive and expressive qualities greatly enhance his abilities as a teacher. It is so important to the boys that Mr. Keating be supporting because their parents refused to support them in a way that came so easily to him. Mr. Keating would support them no matter what they’d do, as long as they were being true to themselves. When Neil wanted more than anything act, Mr. Keating encouraged him to do so and gave him advice along the way. If Mr. Keating had not done so, Neil would have likely obeyed his father and would have never gotten the chance to pursue an acting career. Because he was so supportive, the students were drawn to him and wanted to listen to what he had to say, as he did the same for them. Ultimately, this unquestioning support he lent to them resulted in them supporting him even when the administration wanted him gone. Another instance of his supportive quality is when he supported a very shy student of his to speak in front of the class. Many teachers would have merely shrugged this kid off if he wouldn’t speak, but Mr. Keating didn’t do so. He kept supporting the student in his quest to become less shy until the boy was able to do so. At the end of the movie, this boy united all of the other boys in the class to go against the conformists. While he could not have been the great teacher that he was had he not been supportive, his expressive qualities were what stood out most. …

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