Qualitative quantitative research design

write 4 different journal entries, on different genres, choose one from each area: book ( Ferrante (nd). Letters From The Closet. University Enterprises, INC.or Boylan (2003). She?s Not There. Doubleday Books, you may use other book if you like but these may be one of the choises), movie, song lyrics, tv show episode, commercial, academic journal,newspaper, etc. (Include a copy of the article you are discussing (make sure it is dated!). Do not use journals, newspapers, or magazines published prior to 2010 (it is acceptable to use older books, movies, song lyrics, commercials-you get the picture). These may be taken from the newspaper (no tabloids will be accepted!), newsletters or from magazines. If you wish, you may choose to report on a news story you see on TV or hear on the radio. You may only include in the journal one (1) entry for each of the categories that follow. These reports must be one typed page per entry). Use APA format. You may use the text book “Rathus S., Nevid J., & Fichner-Rathus L. (2014). Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (Ninth Edition). New York, New York: Allyn & Bacon Publishers; ISBN 13:978-0-205-78606-0.” to substantiate your position. Will also attach here a Journal example with makeup for you to have a picture of what I need. Thank you!

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