PTSD and eye movement desensitization theapy

Must include: Title Page in APA style. Intro Paragraph – overview explaining the purpose of your paper ? the disorder, the treatment of interest, the studies conducted on it. Summary of Therapy Section – The first section of your paper should describe the treatment in one page. (Using APA style, this should include a heading.) This section summarizes the various treatment techniques used. Be sure to put them in layman?s terms. I want to know what the therapy is like, if I were a fly on the wall. Review of Treatment Outcome Research Section – beginning with a header and should present the findings of the treatment outcome studies. You want to integrate the findings of the three articles together in no less than one and no more than two pages. This means you should organize your paper by topic ? NOT by article. Do NOT present one article, then the next, then the next. Present one idea ? which may include something mentioned in two or even all three articles, then another idea, and so on. Future Directions Section ? The third section of your paper will include future directions of the treatment outcome research. You will need to note where the research should move next ? what the remaining unanswered research questions for that particular treatment are, and how you might test for them. This should be a minimum of two paragraphs, maximum of one page, typed. Your therapy should be compared to a waitlist control group; compare your therapy to another therapy; explore another type of outcome measure in your therapy vs. another therapy; test another population using your therapy and another; run a component analysis, exploring which part of your therapy is most important. Ex: If you say the sample sizes were small in the studies you found, and larger samples are needed, you need to explain why larger samples are needed, specifically. Don?t just say it?s a bias to have small samples, but how and why there is a bias with small samples. Concluding paragraph ? You should end your paper with a review of what you said ? how your therapy is used to treat the disorder of interest, the results of the treatment outcome studies, and your suggestions for future studies. References section ? use APA style

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