psychiatric mental health Research Paper

Write an essay on the following: 1. Consider the following scenario: You have been employed to work as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a rural health centre in a town, in Northern territory in which you live. You are working in a multi-professional mental health team including a psychatrist, psychologist, mental health nurse practitioner, and social worker. After a few weeks working in this centre, you notice there are three trends amongst your clients: 1. Suicide and alcohol use is alarmingly prevalent in young people; 2. Anxiety and depression is common in adults in families you see; 3. Families often call you to talk about how to care for their aging, often confused elderly. 2. Examine the nurses’ role in the context of geography, multi-disciplinary team and the culture of your clients and their families. 3. Choose ONE of the following: 1. young and suicidal clients; 2. anxious adults 3. depressed adults; or 4. the confused elderly client. Critically discuss the skills you will need and the strategies that you will be using when you work with these clients.

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