Prostitution- A touchy subject

A Touchy Subject Prostitution has been coined “the worlds oldest profession.” If prostitution is considered a “profession,” then why is the sale of sex for money by consenting adults illegal? Prostitutes are the ones making all the coins for sexual services; therefore prostitution should be considered a job, not a punishable crime in our legal system. People, over the age of eighteen should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. Legal soliciting should be the choice of the individual. It’s unfair for the government to prohibit individual civil liberties, and basic human rights. If anything, prostitutes should be protected by the legal system. If prostitution became a legal occupation more precautions could be taken to insure their personal safety. The legalizing of prostitution would provide a way to regularly administer sexually transmitted disease tests to the prostitutes, and their clientele. The forbearance of prostitution would also be more advantageous to the government if prostitutes we’re licensed through the state. If prostitutes were issued licenses, and W2 forms it would stimulate entertainment tax dollars to the state and federal government. Licensing would also be more advantageous to the prostitutes who want to be employed elsewhere. It could prevent the stigmatism of prostitution from infringing on their livelihood. Issues of morality surrounding the conduct of prostitution stipulate that it should remain illegal, on the pretense that selling sex for money demeans women, and advocates corrupt behavior. Religious arguments assert that prostitution is immoral, and that woman should be protected from sexual exploitation. Regardless of any congregations religious belief system, or any individual opinion pertaining to the immorality of prostitution, freedom of choice remains the issue. People’s moral choices should not be the basis for the formulation of an…

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