Property Easements

1. Read the study guide pages included in the Dropbox folder to familiarise yourself on the subject for this problem. Easements. 2. Refer to the lecture slides for specific sections of the legislation sections and case law and cases etc relevant to answering/supporting arguments for this hypothetical problem. 3. Look over the hypothetical example and hypothetical answer for guidance and a better idea on how to answer this problem. 4. Answer the hypothetical problem according to the suggested hypothetical approach. 5. DO NOT research or use outside sources. ONLY what has been provided. (This problem is specific to the state of Queensland legislation). 6. ONLY look to the material included in the Dropbox folder to answer this hypothetical problem). ( Note. The Dropbox folder only includes some major cases in full to refer to and other relevant cases are mentioned in the lecture notes ). 7. With referencing. You must write any act, case etc completely the first time round of mentioning it. When the same citation ( case or act etc ) is mentioned again anywhere within the answer, it can be abbreviated. Example: property law act 1974 Qld ss 10 short version: PLA ss 10 followed by the correct full reference of it always included each and every time as a new footnote regardless. 8. Please look at link for the correct way to reference and footnote Note: I have placed the order to include [10] different references/footnotes. Apart from definite reference to the property law act Qld 1974 and land title act qld 1994. It will essentially depend on the number of revalent cases required to correctly support each argument and overall answer the hypothetical problem. ( for that matter, anywhere up to 10 different references/footnotes may be required). 9. Other requirements when answering hypothetical problem. ? issue identification. ? identifying relevant Legal provisions/principles. ? quality/coherence of analysis and argument in applying relevant Legal provisions/principles. ? quality of written expression (effectiveness of headings; style/clarity; expression/grammar; spelling; punctuation and referencing). Here is the link to the hypothetical problem

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