Propaganda in totalitarian regimes.

The rise of totalitarianism, to some historians, was a logical process, but still has caused much discussion over the years. Many prominent dictators had fulfilled the yardsticks of totalitarianism to a large extent and one of these yardsticks is the use of propaganda. As for many of the yardsticks, there are a number of pertinent reasons that make propaganda such a prominent feature of totalitarian regimes. One important reason would be the fact that propaganda helped many achievements to actually come about. Many achievements of totalitarian regimes were actually more propaganda than reality and therefore it was this propaganda that allowed dictators to attain mass support. In Germany for example, the Nazis had failed to give to the masses a truly efficient government in reality. The Third Reich was a polycracy that had an inefficient system. Historians have also said that Hitler’s own personality and attitude towards administration were conducive for strong and effective leadership of government. Therefore, the para-military drills and the marches that was put on display for the masses to watch and digest were necessary to keep up the fa?Ÿ??ade that Nazi government was capable and efficient. Hitler was also unable to solve Germany’s economic problems. Though since 1932 there was a rise in wages, a reduction in unemployment, an increase in food consumption by one-sixth and a growth in the turnover of clothing by a quarter and household goods by a half, the German consumer demand did not keep up with those in Britain and the United States. Also autarky was never successful. For example, synthetic petrol covered 18% of Germany’s needs and it was still necessary to import one-third of all the raw materials needed by industry. Therefore propaganda was necessary for the Nazis to ensure that the people of Germany still believed that the economy was propelling forward. For example the public denunciation of the Jews and their exp…

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