product and brand management for the luxury goods sector

Summative Assessment Brief: Individual Report Purpose of this Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to develop a critical and detailed analysis of a brand and suggest a novel branding strategy. This individual assessment is primarily designed to test your abilities to integrate the knowledge gained through this module and its application to the business world. There are two key skills sets required for this assessment. The first is analytical. The second is creative. The assessment offers a valuable opportunity to demonstrate your strategic integration skills. Task Required For a luxury brand of your choice, undertake a detailed brand analysis that includes a consideration of the brand?s characteristics / components, brand value and equity, its communication strategy and distribution channels. You could develop your brand analysis based on any of the following frameworks. You may decide to creatively combine these frameworks and build your own also: these frameworks need to be used ? BEVERLAND, M. 2004. Uncovering ?theories-in-use?: building luxury wine brands. European Journal of Marketing, 38, 446-466. ? FIONDA, A. M. & MOORE, C. M. 2009. The anatomy of the luxury fashion brand. Journal of Brand Management, 16, 347-363. ? LEE, M.-Y., KNIGHT, D. & KIM, Y.-K. 2008. Brand analysis of a US global brand in comparison with domestic brands in Mexico, Korea, and Japan. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 17, 163-174. ? SHUKLA, P. 2012. The influence of value perceptions on luxury purchase intentions in developed and emerging markets. International Marketing Review, 29, 574-596. Alternatively, you could develop a case study similar to the case studies we shall tackle in the class focusing on brand analysis issues. You should also give consideration to the emotional dimensions of the brand. Based upon your brand analysis, propose and justify a brand development strategy for this brand through product development, brand extension or brand diffusion (or a combination thereof). This cannot be a development strategy that is currently live or publically proposed.

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