Select a company of your choosing and explore the following aspects: Introduce your company and provide a brief history of the company and their good or service. Then address the cost structure of the company. Provide some examples of their major fixed and variable costs. You need to find specific values. Provide an analysis of the market structure in which your selected company operates. State which type of competition the market represents and justify your answer. Provide TWO ideas of something the company could do to improve its position in the market. These ideas should take into account and be appropriate for the type of market competition in the industry. You will need outside sources for this particular assignment. Cite any outside sources. Your submission should include a works cited page. Company annual reports are often a good source of information for an assignment like this and can typically be found in the investor section of a company?s website. News articles from reputable sources are also valid. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source, though their articles do typically include links to works cited in their construction which may be a useful jumping off point.

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