Power struggles between parents and children.

POWER STRUGGLES I would like to commence by stating my belief that there is not one parent who has not felt challenged by their child at one point in their lives. Power struggles between parents and children have become quite frequent in our current society, as both are likely feeling frustrated, powerless, and resort to disputation in order to get a sense of personal power or control in their lives. Parents often feel anger in their need to control children, while behind this anger is a sensation of being threatened. They can involuntarily recognize the manifestation of such power struggles through their sense of being challenged, their feeling of anger, as well as their increased demands for obedience from the children. Likewise, children involved in such struggles feel determined to resist and not to be controlled, and thus exhibit their resolution by fighting back at each and every opportunity. It is imperative, for the welfare of the parent-child relationship, that the parents begin to take responsibility as the parents to initiate the rectification of the relationship. They should become thoroughly emotionally detached from overpowering the children, in order to successfully disengage from quarrels, for without the fury the children will have nobody to dispute with and the power struggle will discontinue. Parents should relinquish the concept that they can compel the children to do anything, and furthermore inspire, teach, influence, guide, stimulate, and encourage the children to positive, cooperative conduct. Thirdly, parents should reason their wants and objectives with their children, in order to enable them to feel personal power through sensible discussion and choices, and thus prevent them from feeling the need for power through conflict. Power struggles can potentially dissolve parent-child relationships along with children’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and moreover can eventuall…

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