Poverty and capitalism How de they relate?

We all know that world hunger and world poverty are paramount problems for our young generation to address. What could be more problematic than the systematic denial of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and clean drinking water? What’s irking is that these basic needs could be provided for all, yet still there are billions of people in this world who continue to suffer from poverty and malnutrition. But what does capitalism has to do with all these problems? Since the very beginning of the times capitalism has found in poverty a perfect “ally” to optimize it’s benefit, because poverty is an unlimited resource of cheap labour force and a way of increase it’s power. So from the first steps of the industrial revolution, where children and women where employed in factories to work under subhuman conditions for eight ours a day just to be paid miserable salaries, to what happens now a days with the new colonialism in the Third Word countries that are clearly damaged by capitalist practices, like controlling them with multinational companies and international organizations, like the IMF and The World Bank. We can see how capitalism is extremely related with poverty. So if we start looking back in history, how the capitalism started to develop and how poverty consequently increases, we will see that all this process was predicted in the IXX century by Marx’s Concentration Theory, which says that the bigger and powerful capitalists eliminates or absorb the smaller or weaker ones, to the point that all the power is concentrated in the hands of some companies, banks or trusts. And this is what happens now a days we have associations of companies and banks that control everything, even countries and governments, while the reminding people are each time poor. Following this line we can also say that this is happening at a global scale, so we have to economical powers, the European Union and the U.S.A that contr…

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