Portfolio Reflection

Write a 3-5 page reflection of your writing this semeter. Discuss what you have learned from each essay written. What were the strengths of each essay? What were the weaknesses? Where would more improvement have been made? What could have been done differently? In what way have you grown as writer? TO THE WRITER: These are the comments I have received from the professor for each essay.. They were mostly repetitive comments : -“careful proofreading is needed” -“us direct quotes – avoid summaries-focus on the direct analysis of the information” -“all I voice needs to be eliminated with formal writing” –“the essay should not be a summary of source material” -“there is far too much reliance on summarizing source information and not enough direct analysis of it” -“need to begin addressing the how so, why, in what way, etc of each of the points being addressed” -“telegraphing is not used ” -“thesis needs to be developed in much more detail” -“watch transitions” -“all quotes need much more development and detail” Please do the best writing here. Worth 100 points

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