Popular Culture in trends and electronic media have a long relationship.

Popular Culture in trends and electronic media have a long relationship; as long as you have a celebrity icon, the internet and television; lives will forever be affected by what’s hot and what’s not. Growing up in the 70s and 80s was so innocuous as compared to the world that the kids today are living in. Then again, every decade seems to have its technology or media that seems to be on the cutting edge of technology for that time period. I remember back in the late 70s my older brother was given an “Atari” for Christmas; talk about old school. This was a state of the art piece of equipment that hooked up to your television so that one could enjoy the comforts of playing a video game in their own home. Wow, you mean we no longer had to walk three miles to the Arcade, now we got to sit in front of the TV and play our favorite video games? Hence the couch potato had new meaning. Atari started the video-game business as we know it today; they invented such incredible games like ‘Pong’, ‘Centipede’, ‘Asteroids’ and ‘Tempest’, the world’s first game based on vector-graphics. Vector-graphics terminals are computer graphics displays that draw lines instead of bitmapped images. They were the standard computer graphics display in the 1960s and 1970s. They were rendered obsolete by the emergence of decent bitmapped workstations in the early 80s. “What started as a $500 adventure for two men rose up to a multi-billion-dollar company and went way back down to the ground about 25 years later” (http://www.atari.com). Technology was moving fast and later in the 90s came Nintendo, X-Box, Play Station One and the birth of PS2 (Play Station two) was later created as its successor, Atari was soon distinct. America embraced the PlayStation as their next-gen console of choice. There are many competitors of the CD-ROM video game dynasty, Play Station as being one of the largest revenue making companies. The demographic of PlayStation owners …

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