POET: Nicholas Vachel Lindsay and read a collection of his works. As you read, note similarities and trends you see emerging in the work. Write a 4-6-ish page paper discussing what your exploration reveals. Choose a trend you recognize in the body of work and focus your paper on it. Limit biography to only a paragraph or two unless it directly relates to the thesis. Some examples: Does the poet return often to a common theme? Does s/he rely heavily on one form or another, and is it effective? Does s/he concentrate on aural or visual effect? Can you characterize the persona of the poems? Is much of the poetry based on circumstances unique to the poet (such as Milton?s blindness)? (If so, how does it affect the body of work?.don?t just say, ?see, he writes about blindness a lot.?) Does the poet?s writing seem to be a response to what was happening historically during his/her lifetime? (Again, make a point?..does the language reflect an anti-war stance for example, or is there conflict in the word choice that shows revolution?) Do you think the poet had a particular audience in mind as s/he wrote? Does the poetry remind you, either thematically or structurally of any other poet we have studied? Realize that in an essay of this length it is impossible to answer all of these questions. Find a single approach that interests you, and fully develop your discussion of it referring directly to the poems for evidence to support your ideas. Use outside sources to support your ideas. Cite within the text and add a works cited list according to proper MLA format. You must use quality literary sources; simply ?google-ing? will not work for this paper. (You must use at least four ACADEMIC sources). Submit, with your paper, at least 5 poems that you feel best illustrate your thesis.

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