Poetry vs comminication

Poetry is a great way to communicate your feelings. Whether it be emotions about a person place or things, or just written thoughts about an event or how your day went. Poetry is a powerful, yet almost shy way of getting out what you want to say but not necessarily saying it outright. Poetry can express feelings or despair, happiness, love, hate and many others, or simply nothing special at all. Poetry does not have to rhyme all the time. It can be a simple group of the author’s thoughts about an issue or several issues. It can try to convey feelings about something or someone that otherwise may either be left unsaid or fall onto deaf ears. The poem, “Mother to Son”, by Langston Hughes, is a great example of a mother trying to convey values to her son, communicating through poetry, and hopefully the meaning of the words reaching the depths of his mind. Poetry in this case is used to try and break the communication barrier between parent and child. Poetry is a way to communicate a cry for help, or convey deep feelings of despair or depression, that again may go untold. In the peom, “Richard Cory” by Paul Simon, this is a poem about a poor mans despair and also a rich mans woes. Although it goes unsaid directly, the rich man also was just as depressed as the poor fellow. In this case, the poor man put this thoughts in writing and the rich man held it in and eventually ended his life. In the poem, “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, by Emily Dickinson tells the story of a person that let life pass by so quickly that when it was at it’s end, it was hard to sit back and remember or reflect on any of it. This is a poem that reflects the author’s feelings about life and what it meant to her. Poetry can be used for many things. It can be used a reflection of a person’s emotions. The words that are written are about true thoughts and feeling…

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