Planning is the process of establishing the organization’s goals and objectives and developing a strategy.

Planning is the process of establishing the organization’s goals and objectives and developing a strategy, through resources and decision making, on how best to achieve these goals. Sam utilized the Planning function through organizing a meeting with the CEO to discuss the meat price rise. She will need to adjust the budget and plan to meet the organizational goals by developing a strategy which enables the catering department to provide the meat while still maintaining an affordable budget. Organising is the act of grouping activities and resources in a logical fashion. The organising function follows on from the planning function. Once the plan is in place, it is then a matter of arranging the fundamentals of the plan, by coordinating people and resources to achieve the desired outcomes. This includes delegating “who does what, how tasks are to be done, who reports to whom and where decisions are to be made”, as stated by Robbins et al (2003). Sam utilised the Organising function by considering the roster when a lot of staff had requested time off in the same week. She needs to arrange and coordinate her resources, being her staff, to enable the unit to meet its goals. Leading is the method of influencing others to engage in the work behaviours needed to reach organisational goals. This includes communicating with others, outlining a vision of what can be accomplished, then providing direction and motivating organisational members. The leading function was also implemented by Sam when she arranged a meeting to discuss the roster with the staff. Controlling is where the manager monitors and regulates organisational progress toward goal attainment. The manager makes whatever corrections and adjustments needed in order to keep the task on track. Comparing progress with actual and expected standards along the way is important. The Controlling function was used when Sam discovered the problem with the oven. She delegate…

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