PICO Question and information serach

PICO – Population, Intervention, Comparison and outcome, and Information search The question i have i chosen for the PICO Question is “Is Resistance training more effective then Hydrotherapy training in Treating the symptoms of pain reduction experienced in the elderly population who experience osteoarthritis of the knee. ” Uploaded there are three documents which outline how to do this research paper. The first document is a template in which needs to be filled out 3 times as there are 3 articles that need to be found when narrowed down the search to completing this paper. (Good articles) The next document is call the criteria sheet. this shows all the micro elements that need to be in the paper and shows how marks are allocated. Finally what the paper is all about is in the third document which details what the paper is going to be able. Please give due care reading over all these documents and please make sure you understand what needs to be done 100% before starting writing. IF you are unsure on something please ask me so i can clarify. the last thing i want is you for not to ask me and then right off on a different tangent. SO please ask me. Some tools that need to be used can be found on these websites http://www.casp-uk.net/#!casp-tools-checklists/c18f8 http://www.cebm.net/critical-appraisal/ http://prisma-statement.org/ Use whichever is releveant. Any questions please let me know ASAP

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