Philosophia; The Emergence Of Wisdom

The origins of Philosophy are said to date back, roughly 50,000 yrs before “Alexander of Macedon”. Although Diogenes Laertius claims that Pythagoras was said to be the” first” to let himself be known as a philosopher, ironically he also states that the “Barbarians”, namely “the Persians, the Babylonians or Assyrians” and many other known early civilizations of man, this included the Indians as well as the Celts or Gaul’s. Yes, It is these people who may be credited as the earliest of philosophers. Pg3 It does seem reasonable that these early cultures, viewed as “Barbarians”, by Greeks standards, would have pondered thoughts not unlike those of the Ancient Egyptians, The Greeks or even us. The fact remains that whether Barbarians or not, civilized or not they had minds”?and questions”? the very same as other men, of the past, present and future. For the most part, many of us seem to question things or ideas, such as the origins of the lights in the sky. Only in recent times due we refer to these heavenly lights above as stars, constellations and galaxies. To speak of true philosophy, to this day and perhaps for eons to come we ask the question that has been asked by many men since before recorded human history, the question”? “What are the gods, where and how do they live, why are the gods angry with us? Today many of us ask, does God exist, and if so what is God? The emergence, or “The Beginning”, of early Greek philosophy was embarked upon by men the like of Thales, Aneximander, Aniximenes, Anaxagoras These Greek Pre-m Socratic philosophers were determined in their quest for truth. The Pre-Socratic Philosophers are responsible for introducing and establishing the foundations of what we call science, mathematics and medicine today. These began more with concepts, rather than actual tangibles in terms of their natural philosophical explorations. Without…

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