Personal Time Management

Time Management Study Time Management Study I have completed my time management study for the past three days. The past four weeks have not been normal for me because of injuries that have occured in my department. As a result of those injuries I have been on a delivery route. I believe overall I have good time management skills but I did find some opportunities. The biggest opportunity I discovered was to stay off the delivery route when we are short handed. I need to balance out the delivery routes with additional customer stops instead of me taking the actual delivery route. In the past three days I was taking surveys two of the days I was on the route. I did find opportunites during those days which will eventually save me time. The first opportunity is in the morning when I have meetings or trainings with the drivers. This usually takes about thirty to forty five minutes to complete. I can have another supervisor administer the meeting when I need to be on a route. Another opportunity I found was that I lost too much time waiting for the drivers to check out their trucks and drive around to pick up their routes and keys. There are two thing I can do to save time. I can have another supervisor pass out the route cards and keys to the drivers or I can pass them out before they head out to the warehouse to check out their trucks. I usually have lunch with the other drivers and that usually takes longer than an hour. I can probably have lunch by myself and stay in my delivery area. I have a tendency at the end of my route to count the product in my truck before entering the plant. This is a waste of time because I have to check the truck again with the checker when I get to the plant. I can also save time by dispatching the routes a week in advance, so I won’t be dispatching on a daliy basis which would save me an hour a day. Time Management Study 3 I found out that I can save alot of time when I…

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