Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

A reason for identifying personal strengths and weaknesses is to help achieve success in my professional life, personal life, as well as the role that I play in a learning team to be most effective. Throughout life, we acquire abillities and skills that help us to compete with others or to reach our goals. We also have underdeveloped areas or weaknesses that need improvement. By identifying these strengths and weaknesses, we can better ourselves, and we can improve the weaker areas while using our strengths to our advantage. Our learning style is an important part in our strengths and weaknesses in all of our environments. Since our learning style is essentially our working style, it makes knowing how you learn essential to help us reach our potential. My learning style is organizer. I have to have everything a certain way before I study, write, work, or do virtually any task. Sometimes this can be time consuming. I also have the interpersonal and naturalistic learning trait. I learn best by sharing information, interacting with others, and a hands-on approach. My next learning style is verbal-linguistic which means I prefer to read and write my material. By looking within myself and asking co-workers, these are the strengths I have: being efficient, polite to others, team player, a good listener, being organized and neat, being helpful and enjoying teaching others, honesty, being able to meet deadlines, showing empathy, caring about people, being dependable, easy to talk to, likes learning new things or tasks, good sense of humor, and having an educational agenda. The weaknesses that I have are being a perfectionist, expecting a lot of others, letting things aggravate me easily, being impatient, working at a much faster pace than those around me, and when at home I procrastinate. …

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