People mold their own future into what it is and some believe that all of us are destined to do or be something.

Analysis of “The Matrix” In life, some believe that people mold their own future into what it is and some believe that all of us are destined to do or be something. The movie “The Matrix,” suggests that people who live up to their potential will inevitable fulfill their destinies. These people are destined to do something but they have to put forth the initial effort. This effort is usually put forth though because the person faced with the task possesses a personality trait that has him or her meet the challenge. “The Matrix” shows us that there is a path for all of us, but fear can block us from realizing our full potential. As Morphius said in the movie, “I can open the door, but you have to walk through it.” Meaning when we are faced with a task, we have to stand up and accept the challenge or role presented. If we do not meet our challenges due to fear, then we will not live up to our potential. Neo, throughout the movie, is given many choices to make. Given Neo’s destined path, to be the “One”; the decision made always takes him one step closer towards his own destiny. In the beginning of the movie Neo is searching for Morpheus and is also trying to grasp the concept of the “Matrix.” Morpheus finds Neo and presents him with the information he has been searching for. In turn giving Neo a decision to make. Neo had a choice of whether to give up his search for the “Matrix” or to “see how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Given Neo’s persistent nature, he decides to keep going. Later in the movie, the Oracle provides Neo with a thought for the future. He is told by the Oracle the he will have to choose between Morpheus and himself. He starts to believe he is the One and decides to save Morpheus and himself. Morphius points out that the Oracle told Neo just what he needed to hear to get him in gear. F…

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