PDHPE – The Drug Use Continuum

PDHPE Assessment Drug Use Continuum – No Drug Use, Safe Drug Use, Drug Misuse and Drug Abuse. Analyse factors and/or events that may contribute to an adolescent progressing from one stage of the drug use continuum to another. In your response you should: – Define the drug use continuum. – Describe the differences in each stage (no drug use, safe drug use, drug misuse and drug abuse). – Analyse events and/or factors that may contribute to an adolescent progressing up from one stage to another. – Analyse preventive programs and/or methods that may contribute to an adolescent progressing back down from one stage to another. – Provide examples and/or evidence to support your analysis. Description of Verbs Define – State meaning and identify essential qualities. Describe – Provide characteristics and features. Analyse – Identify components and the relationship between them; draw out and relate implications. Length: Please don’t surpass 600 words at max. Marking Criteria Work – Demonstrates extensive knowledge and understanding of the effects of specific drug use and draws out the related implications, on the individual, family and the community if the individual moves along the continuum. – Effectively communicates ideas, issues in an organised logical and coherent manner, using appropriate terminology. Essay Structure – PEEL (Point, elaborate, example and link) – Technical Language – Audience – Cohesion – CUPS (Capitals, understanding, punctuation and spelling)

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