Overview of information tecnology in the UK

Information Technology Capabilities Of the United Kingdom Overview The United Kingdom is located north of France and east of Ireland and is made up of England, Whales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It has an overall population of about 60 million people. The UK is at the forefront of Western Europe in the information technology arena. They have one of the most developed telecommunications system in the world that provides 100% demand satisfaction with no wait time. The government is attempting to provide all its services online and strongly supports the development of information technology in all areas. The UK has several science and research and development parks run by their universities that work to develop new technologies and enhance the regions IT capabilities. They are ranked as “one of the most advanced IT countries in the world”; however they still lag behind the U.S. and a few other countries in internet usage and E-commerce capabilities. Despite their willingness to move forward in the realm of information technology they are very conservative and venture capital is sometimes hard to come by, in addition to this they have some stringent laws and taxes that both ease and hinder internet usage and capabilities. Telecommunications The United Kingdom has one of the best telecommunication systems in the world. It is a world leader in the terms of speed, development, expertise in transmissions, and software, opto-electrics and manufacturing of equipment in this area. They use a mix of buried cables, microwave systems, and fiber optics to create their in country infrastructure and have 30,938,000 conventional phone lines in place. Their international telecommunications infrastructure is also very strong and is devised of 40 coaxial submarine cables, 10 Interstat earth satellite stations, 1 Immarstat, 1 Eurtestat satellite stations and at least 10 international switching centers. This strong infrast…

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