Our Temple Is Our Sanctuary

Our kitchen is our temple. On each wall there are garnishes and decorations of my mother’s favorite fruit, red apples. The dining table is placed next to a plain white wall with a huge bay window, looking out to our picture perfect backward. With it’s green freshly cut grass, and a brand new swing set. This sits just past the tree that was cut down to a stump a little over a month ago. It’s a place where my nieces and nephews can slip away into their own little world of fun and imagination. But our temple is our sanctuary. The food that’s cooked and served within these four walls, send sweet aromas of great and tasty food throughout each crevice of our home. The smell is so sweet that it tends to attract dogs that smell like the cruel, yet wonderful world to the front stoop of our home. Their yelps tell us their hungry and want a piece of the action. It happens every time my mother makes one of her many Mexican specialties. Mole served with three portions, chicken, golden rice, and refried beans. Oh, I can just picture the steam drifting from the chicken into the cool air -like a smoldering fire- covered in a thick, light brown sweet sauce. The two side dishes have a dull color, but together they create the most intense feeling inside your mouth. The mixture of the two is out of this world. The beans being so soft and mushy were cooked half the day to reach its extreme textured softness. The rice has several tasty ingredients, green bell-peppers, soft canned tomatoes, and leafy green cilantro. The look of this entr?Ÿ??e can cause your eyes to light up with hunger as well as delightfulness. So if you ever experience this delicious Mexican specialty. I guarantee you your stomach will crave for a second serving. …

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