1. Use our order form to submit requirements for your paper

Usually start by ascertaining the correctness of the information you intend to provide to us such as the email address and the phone number. This is important as it offers a means to reach you at the time that your paper is in progress as we require a [primary channel for constant communication and the phone number and emails serves the purpose. Follw this step by ascertain that all the relevant details needed to be sent to us is also correct. Everything that is needed by us to enable us to serve you is important the assigned writer will need such information as requested in the order form in attending to you assignment. On successful completion of inputting the information make sure that everything is correct as no changes can be made once the assignment is sent to the writer. Any additional information after the writer has started writing the paper shall have to be paid for.

  1. Payment processing

The most important determinant of the price that will be charged on your assignment is the degree of urgency. No writer will be assigned your task before the payment is processed. One of our policies is 100 % money back in situations that we are unable to identify the relevant writer to work on your assignment. This refund is done as long as we are not in a position to deliver the paper that you have requested from us. It is important that you verify your personal information such as the billing address and in case you receive a call from the Billing Department, you need not be scared. Our representatives might also call you for the purpose of verifying that in deed you have ordered an assignment from us as this serves to sustain your safety as well as security when working with us. Verification also serves the purpose of eradicating any form of fraudulent issues and we must confirm that you are actually the owner of the assignment that we have received in our system. Our representatives may also verify that you are the bona fide card bearer which has been used to place the order and that you are actually willing to do so.

  1. Order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. Check it now!

The next step shall involve an email that shall be sent to you to confirm that you have ordered an assignment and the details you have submitted in our order form. This information is crucial for the future interaction that you will have with us. Majority of the questions that may arise from the order details can successfully be answered using this information. You will also be enabled to talk with the representatives of the company as well as the writer who has been assigned your task. Make sure that you never delete this important information.

  1. Now you can log-in your account and communicate with the writer and support!

It is prudent to check emails at regular intermittent intervals after you have submitted an order at blueessays.com as there may be occasional updates as well as changes. You are also allowed to interact with the writer through the system and you may also send a message that is linked to your order. The messages may be addressed to the writer or to the representatives in the customer service department, what you need to do is to select the recipient. The response of the writer shall also be conveyed through the same system. You need not be worried as it is the responsibility of blueessays.com to identify the most suitable writer to work on your assignment. We have also given sufficient freedom of choice of papers to our writers provided that they have the skills, time and aspirations to do a perfect job within the stipulated deadline. At times you have to be patient as we try to identify the best writer that we feel shall give a paper of the highest possible quality. In case there is a sudden change on the requirements of the paper, it is important to submit such information as fast as possible. The updated information shall be considered by the management and the writer as we have a provision for flexibility so that we can serve you better. In some cases however, there may be some changes that will require adjustments in billing so that the new requirements are addressed. These include the deadline, the length of the paper, and level of your service and product type. In some cases, the writer may take some time before responding to your submission since the writer may be busy writing or researching and therefore not checking the messages at the time you sent. But in any case, the response must be forthcoming in not more than 24 hours if the deadline is past that time. In case of the urgent orders, writers usually respond almost immediately since emails are checked on hourly basis.

  1. Use the link we send to download the finished paper

Regular checking of emails is recommended especially when the deadline of the assignment approaches. Once the order has been completed and submitted to the client, an email of for notification of the same is sent. There will also be accompanying link in that email that facilitates for downloading the sent paper. In a situation that there is a problem with the link, it is also possible to access the finished assignment from your email.

  1. Tell us about your feelings after getting the paper!

After receiving the completed assignment, it is advisable that you give us your feedback through a customer satisfaction survey available at the site. You have been provided with a link that is sent to your email for the same. We recommend that you give us your feelings concerning the services that you received from us. Make it a matter of priority since we are also eager to learn about the opinion that you develop from our services. In case there is need for amendments in your paper, please submit the request within 14 days from the date that it was sent to you. The changes needed in your paper shall be made at no cost from you provided that there are no additions in the instructions that were in the original order.