Openings of the The Tell-Tale Heart & The monkey

“The Tell-Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allen Poe opens using a first person narrative, where the writer tells the story. When this method is used, the narrator is called “I’ and as it is subjective the readers know only what the narrator tells us and how he/she feels. Since the first person narrative is used, readers are able to know the feelings and the psychological state of the narrator through the language of the narrator’s speech, and in this case, the narrator switches between quick, irrational outbursts and calm logical statements, which hints at his unstable mind, “I thrust it in! I moved slowly- very, very slowly’. The narrator uses frequent exclamations and fragmented narrative and in doing so reveals his extremes nervousness, “they heard! “? They suspected! They knew!’ As the story uses the first person narrative, there is a definite second person pronoun address. “You’ however is only suggested, and we are not totally sure about exactly who the narrator is talking to. The narrator could be addressing the courtroom, in which sentences likes “True’ seems as though he is answering a question or talking to the psychiatrist or police when he says “why do you say that I am mad?’ However by using the second person pronoun, “you’ Poe invites the readers to become a part of the story, as if the narrator is talking to the readers directly, and this method heightens the fear and suspense running through the mind of the reader. In contrast with Poe’s short story W.W. Jacob opens his story “The monkey’s paw’ using the third person external narrative viewpoint, where the author uses he, she, they and the names, “Mr White looked up sharply’ and does not focus on just one character. In other words the story is written in an objective viewpoint (omniscient), in which readers are told everything including the characters feelings, “was very happy’. This means that the readers so not interpret chara…

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