Online Secondary Data for Market Research

Gathering primary data during marketing research is only the first step in retrieving the necessary information to continue in the marketing research process. Primary data can be supported significantly with the use of secondary data. Secondary data can greatly substantiate all information gathered during primary research if primary research is even required. In some instances secondary data alone can solve the problem, eliminating the need for primary data. There are many ways in which a marketing researcher can retrieve secondary data. The largest, and frequently least expensive source for secondary data is the World Wide Web. There are many reasons as to why secondary data is utilized, especially from the internet. The first and foremost reason for the use of online secondary data for marketing research is because almost any data imaginable is readily available. Secondary data can be retrieved from thousands of places on the internet. Many companies list secondary data on the internet for instant access to marketing researchers. This allows marketing researchers quick access to information, which consequently, allows marketing researchers to make faster, more precise decisions. For example, if a marketing researcher need to know percentages in regards to the demographics (race, sex, age, etc.) of New York City, they would have to order that information from a company and might have to wait days or weeks to retrieve that information. This delay of retrieving information could then delay the marketing researcher. With the use of secondary online data, that same marketing researcher could go to the U. S. Census Bureau’s website and instantly retrieve that information. The online secondary data allows marketing researchers to retrieve information a lot faster. Beside secondary data being a lot faster online, it is also usually a lot less expensive. Online secondary data can be retrieved with little or no cost. Thousand …

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