Older Adults

Interview two (2) older adults from different age cohorts; i.e. young-old; old-old; or oldest-old. For the purposes of this course older adult always means 65 years of age or older. The older adults may be found in your family, church, a social group or the senior center. These adults must be able to answer the questions that you are required to address in your paper. As aging is unique to each individual, assess chronological age, physiological changes, Health status, psychological well-being, socioeconomic class, ethnic minority status, and living experiences. Grading will be based on the following criteria. All information in the grading criteria should be in the paper to receive the total points. FORMAT, GRAMMAR, SPELLING (5 POINTS) Write no more than a ten (10) page typed paper comparing and contrasting the 2 older adults interviewed. Present all of the information from the first interviewee; follow with the second interviewee. The final section should be the summary. The paper should be typed in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, in narrative format, and submitted by attachment to your assignment located in Blackboard. Correct grammar and spelling are expected. DEMOGRAPHIC DATA (5 POINTS): gender chronological age race/ethnicity birthplace CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES (15 POINTS): memories about school chores special occasions family life YOUNG/MIDDLE ADULTHOOD EXPERIENCES (15 POINTS): dating and marriage children parenthood occupation(s) spiritual beliefs OLDER ADULTHOOD EXPERIENCES (35 POINTS): retirement/employment income source and financial changes physiologic changes and cognitive changes chronic illnesses or diseases perceived Health status nutritional assessment and preventive Health services marital status and social supports living arrangements leisure activities life satisfaction spiritual beliefs SUMMARY (25 POINTS) Identify and compare how their earlier life experiences have influenced their older adulthood experiences. (Consider socio-economic status, perception of Health status, and spirituality.) Identify AND discuss the needs of one of the interviewees and how you can collaborate with other disciplines to meet those needs.

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