Obstacles in A Nectar in a Sieve

A Nectar In A Sieve 1) Rukmani faces many obstacles throughout the book. Rukmani has many hopes and dreams for her future. Two of the obstacles Rukmani faces in A Nectar In A Sieve are: -Rukmani was a young girl when she was married. She married a tenant farmer whom she had never met before. She and Nathan worked side by side on their land to make a living. They would grow crops to get their food. Their only way of survival was from this land. Though the work was tedious and tiring, Rukmani would get up everyday to help maintain the land. The hardest part of all this work was keeping the land. Every month they would have to pay rent for the land and sometimes they would not have enough money. Rukmani would keep enough food to feed herself and her husband and the extra she would sell to the market. Rukmani’s obstacle was to keep the land they had, for it was their only means of survival. -When Rukmani and Nathan were first married, the land supplied enough food for them. Now after one daughter and five sons, it became harder to grow enough crops to feed everyone in the household. Sometimes her kids would eat very little food or no food at all. The second obstacle Rukmani faced was to supply enough food for her children, so they would grow up to became healthy and strong adults. 2) It was not an easy thing to make enough money to keep the land and to put enough food on the table. Rukmani and Nathan faced many struggles and hardships. Some of the struggles Rukmani faces throughout the novel in order to keep the land were: -During Rukmani’s attempt to keep her land she faced many hardships. Rukamni almost had her land taken away from because she was unable to pay the months dues. The crops had failed that month and they had nothing to be harvested; which meant they had no money. Sivoji, the money collector was very kind to give them extra time to pay the money. Still there were no crops, so they were forced to sell their posse…

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