Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises

the main paper is the HPG document (meaning and measurement). Please “read all of it” except chapter 6. The key here is: you don’t have to LEARN it! there won’t be a test. I do want you to get a good feel for the details of the document. In otherwords I want you to be able to talk about it. The other papers should frame it pretty well: the Steve Collins paper is a historical overview; the Leaning paper discusses some of the politics of creating a nutrition framework. I’ve up loaded the Sphere handbook so you can have a look at the nutrition chapter. We’ve talked about metrics, indicators, biopower and touched on the protocolisation of humanitarian aid – I’d be interested to see if any of you might want to bring some of these ideas to bear on the readings. Consider, perhaps, the categories of knowledge created, the assumptions made about beneficiaries and NGOs motivations and the unintended consequences of the development of these treatment protocols and the reliance on technical expertise. Respond in 300 words!

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