The personal statement is an integral part of the School of Nursing?s application process. Please submit a 1-2 page personal statement in the form of a comprehensive essay that describes your objectives in undertaking graduate study, your special interests, plans, and your strengths and weaknesses in your chosen field. You are encouraged to describe significant life experiences that have contributed to your development, such as, honors, activities, and accomplishments that make you a unique applicant, as well as how you will contribute (e.g., through education, research, and practice) to enhance the Health and quality of life for people of all cultures, economic levels and geographic locations. Please limit the personal statement to two pages (single-spaced), using a font size that is easily read, 11-12 characters per inch, and address the following items: 1.How does your background relate to your decision to apply to a graduate specialty program at DUSON. Describe observations or work experiences you have had with advanced practice nurses in this specialty and how those experiences have influenced your decision. (If you have no previous job experience in Nursing, explain your interests in applying and skills or prior experiences you have that will influence your ability to contribute to the field.) 2.Please provide a balanced assessment of your personal characteristics including strengths, weaknesses, and areas you are working to improve. Describe how these characteristics influence your interactions with others, including your interpersonal style, leadership, and membership qualities. Describe how your personal characteristics will influence your practice and success in your chosen specialty. 3.Describe any significant life experiences that have contributed to your development, such as honors, activities, and accomplishments that make you a unique applicant. Be sure to include cross-cultural experiences, travel, hobbies, etc. that might influence your contributions to advanced Nursing practice. In addition to these instructions, Post-Bachelor?s and Post-Master?s DNP applicants are encouraged to use the following as a guide when completing the personal statements: 1.What information have you obtained about the Duke DNP program that has encouraged you to apply for admission? 2.Each student enrolled in the DNP program will spend several semesters working on their DNP capstone. If accepted, what might your capstone project be focused? 3.How would you envision your professional life changing once you have earned your DNP? Addressing this information is very important for BSN-DNP applicants who must address their MSN and DNP interests.

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