Non-Western Iconography Project

Non-Western Iconography Project Iconography literally translates to picture writing, and is a means of using visual art to convey a very specific concept or ideal that is shared between the artist and their culture. Most of us are familiar with elements of Western Iconography (for example, the color purple often connotes Royalty, or a muscular man wearing a lion skin is iconographic of the Greek Demi-god Heracles), how much non-western Iconography would you understand? In this assignment, I would like you to choose 1 image from chapter 18 and another image from your own web research, and 1 image from chapter 19 and another image from your own web research, (for a total of 4 images) and in a 3-4 page, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font paper, analyze how each specific non-western culture utilizes their own iconography to present a well-known aspect of their own belief system or culture. Things to consider: – Give me specifics about the objects you choose, title, culture/artist, medium, date. – Tell me about the particular culture that each object belongs to. – What about the cultures social rules or mores effect how the object is rendered? – Are your objects Narrative or Symbolic? – If it?s narrative, what is the story? If it?s symbolic, what does it symbolize and why? What is the social connection between the culture that created it, and the story or symbols it conveys? – Are they religious, social, or historical? – Do you think they are effective as a means of getting their point across to the viewer? Your paper and chosen images need to be turned in to the D2L dropbox labeled ?Iconography Project?

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