Neutrality and Professionalism in Public service interpreting

Write a critical essay (2,500 words) on a topic of your choice in the field of Public Service interpreting. For example, (Neutrality and Professionalism in Public service interpreting). Discuss how neutrality, as a ?code of conduct? for the interpreter, affects the performance and professionalism appealed. Can the interpreter be neutral all the time? Is neutrality prerequisite to professionalism?. Discuss this in a context or a situation, for example, interpreting in asylum cases or any other cases you may find useful. (It is good idea to focus on the immigration and refugees coming from Arab world to Europe seeking for asylum). Another choice is ?professionalization and ethics in PSI?. If you have another topic that you find more interesting, let me know. The essay writing conventions must be applied (introduction, main body (subheadings) and, conclusion.

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