Negative America Multicultural Literature

America is known as the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. However, some people who disagree, view America as the “land of the slave” and the “home of the weak”. In Richard Wright’s “A Separate Road” and Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the mockery of American behavior between good and the bad are discussed. In both of these short stories, the authors demonstrate the negative views of America and her people. Richard Wright’s “A Separate Road” was originated from an excerpt of his autobiographical novel Black Boy (1945). In this short story Richard Wright shows his pessimistic view on his own child life experiences. A negro boy and his partially paralyzed mother are living with his aunt and religiously strict grandmother. He learns to become independent by facing racism and poverty. He also expresses his yearning for an education and how it separates him from his peers. Wright says, “I now saw a world leap to life before my eyes because I could explore it, and that meant not going home when school was out, but wandering, watching, asking, talking” (192). In his eyes there was so much to explore and he was limited to those things because of poverty. He was a poor boy and desperately wanted to work to earn a salary. He mentions watching the other children eat their sandwiches, while he starves, “I vowed that someday I would end this hunger of mine, apartness, this eternal difference”?” (192). Wright also shows his negative views by introducing his grandmother “Granny”. Wright’s negative view of Granny expresses how the southern grandmother was known for her overly strict, controlling, and bible preaching instincts. Granny is one of Wright’s toughest critics. Her outlook has no faith in Wright’s abilities. She disciplines him through physical punishment by not allowing him to work on Saturday’s, which she considered to be the day of the Sabbath, …

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