Napoleon’s control over Europe

Napoleon was able to control most of Europe by 1807 due to many victories over countries in The Third Coalition, battle tactics such as surprise attacks which his opponents did not know how to deal with, and his own sheer brilliance and intelligence. Napoleon was able to use his intelligence in negotiation as well as the battle field. In 1805 Britain, Russia, Austria and Sweden formed The Third Coalition. “Fearing the monarchical pretensions and territorial greediness of Napoleon I” ( This coalition was intended to force France and Napoleon’s Empire back to the size it was, before the revolution. Despite being led by Britain, the coalition was a failure. Napoleons original plans were to invade England, but he decided to “destroy this new threat to his supremacy on land” (Two centuries: A profile of modern history, page 83) by overthrowing the Third coalition. Napoleon did this by marching his army swiftly into Germany, not only surprising the Austrian army but encountering them with battle techniques such as surprise attacks, and artillery and infantry co-ordination, which they did not know how to deal with, resulting in their surrender at Ulm. In November he had occupied Vienna, the Hasburg capital and “on December 2, 1805, he defeated the Austrians and Russians at the Battle of Austerlitz” ( by once again using battle techniques that they did not know how to deal with. This victory gave Austria no other option but to accept the Peace of Pressburg, in which “they were forced to cede all of Italy north of Rome to him.” ( “Napoleon added it to his Kingdom of Italy” (Two centuries: A profile of modern history, page 83) and he then had himself crowned king of Italy. Prussia led by King Fred…

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