My reading habits have changed over the years.

My reading habits have changed over the years. As a child I had more time to read than I have been able to as an adult. I had different tastes in books when I was younger as well. Even though my habits and reading preferences have changed over the years, I still enjoy it as much as I did as a youngster. My reading habits as a child were such that I’d read whenever I had free time. I’d read when I came home from school, and before I went to bed. I always had my nose in a book. I had a pretty large collection of books as well. For Birthday’s and Christmas, I would make a list of new books I wanted. I’d rather receive books as gifts than toys! When I was younger, I enjoyed reading books by Judy Blume. She was my favorite author growing up. I read The Babysitter’s Club series as well as books that had the option of choosing your own ending. I loved reading fictional books and I believe it was because I had such a creative imagination of my own. I could picture in my mind everything that I was reading. As an adult, my reading preference has changed in the sense that I read more of a variety. I enjoy fiction, as well as biographies, non-fiction and spiritual books. My reading habits have changed as well. I don’t have the amount of time that I once had to read. I usually try to read 2 books per month, and I usually read during the weekend. My favorite author at the moment is Billie Letts. I have read 2 books written by her which were excellent. One of them, “Where the Heart Is”, is actually one of my favorites. It was also made into a movie a few years ago. Although she writes fiction, her stories are realistic. She has another book that I have not yet read “Shoot the Moon” which I plan on choosing as the next book I’ll read. In conclusion, reading has always been an important part of my life. I believe that reading stimulates my brain; it gets me thinking. I would say that reading is my favorite thing to do when…

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