My opinion on watching movies

“For most people going out and watching a movie can mean nothing to them but when we think about it there is so much other stuff we can be doing instead. I for one think that movies these day are mostly bad influences on the kids for example the movie Jack Ass has a whole lot of people running around trying to hurt them selves and now you young dumb teenagers want to go do the same”. This is what I here from my mum every time I wont get my lazy butt off the couch because I’m to busy watching T.V to do what ever she wants me to or when I come home with a lot of cuts and stuff from doing things that dumb teenagers do, well here is my opinion if it were not for movies like Jack Ass where would we be today? I think that we would be in the same place but not as happy and very boring people. Most of my learning I have done watching movies, they thought me about the birds and the bees it showed me how to be happy and it showed me how to crash a trolley into a bush and amuse myself and about 20 other people at the same time. I hear a lot of older people complaining because we watch to many movies but we don’t have the excitement in our lives that they had in there lives I mean we cant just pack our bags and go off to war or get drunk and drive a home made go cart into a river without getting in trouble for it, so I think yes old people we do watch to many movies but its our choice….

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