My Experience Traveling North

Once, several years ago, when I had recently turned eleven years old, my oldest sister, Maggie, had a car accident in Ligonier, Indiana. My family was incapable of helping my sister Maggie, since we were here in Texas. My parents, Ruben and Emily, decided to go up north to be with my sister Maggie, even though nothing happened to Maggie physically, but we did not want Maggie to be struggling without a car in the snow and far away form us. Around January of 1995, my parents, Ruben, Emily and I traveled to North of Indiana. Being used to Texas weather, when we were stepping out of the state of Texas, I could already feel a difference in the air, the farter we would get away from my home the cooler the air felt. When we finally arrive to the state of Indiana, a white substance covered the land; I had never seen snow before. I could not wait to get off my vehicle and touch, smell, and taste snow. I remember that I was anxious to make a snowman. Every Christmas I always dreamed for snow to fall, like in TV, and play around with snow, but Texas was not a state for snow. We finally arrived to my sister Maggie’s apartment and stayed temporarily. We thought we were only visiting Maggie, but days became weeks and my father was offered a house for sale to move in. My parents decided that since we are only going to be temporarily in Indiana, we were going to rent a mobile instead, but my Father did not know how long was temporary. Since my father is a self-employed carpet installer, he started working and realized that he was 2 making more money than that of Texas. Daily my Father would travel to the big city of Fort Wayne Indiana, which later became our hometown. Meanwhile we were moving, I would be relocated in different schools and meeting different people. In half a year, I moved to three schools and the hardest part for me was getting used to the environment in a short period. I disliked my life, all I wanted is to go back home. I l…

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