Music was like an instinct for Franz Josef

Franz Josef Haydn was born on March 31 1732, in Rohrau, a village in Austria near the boarder of Hungary. Music was like an instinct for Franz Josef. During the evening Mathias (father) would play the harp, Elizabeth (mother) would sing, as the children sat at their feet and listened. Of these younger Haydns, Franz Josef was most affected by the music he heard, and most clearly showed musical ability. When his father discovered him one day, sitting outside the schoolhouse and pretended to play the violin by scraping two sticks of wood together, he wanted to give his boy the best music training as possible. So he got his relative, Johann Mathias Franklin, a choirmaster, who would teach the boy of six the violin and harpsichord. Hayden later recalled that he received “more blows than victuals” from his teacher. Haydn composed his first string quartet in 1755 on the encouragement of a musical amateur, von Furnberg who conducted chamber music performances at his home. At this time Hayden married Maria Anna Keller, daughter of a wig-maker. This was an ill-fated marriage. She was not interested in her husband’s art, frequently using his manuscripts as curling papers. There were endless fights. The couple lived together several unhappy years, and then separated forever. Hayden supplied her with a generous income until the end of his life in 1809. The song that I listened to was symphony number 97 in C Major. It starts like it is a bad, dark place but then it changes into a light beautiful place. The song makes me feel happy and joy filled. It is really upbeat and it makes me think of summer and warm sunny days. Some parts get really soft and then they get low, alarming, and loud. My favorite part is in the ending when it goes real high then low then high again and then holds a long low note. I really enjoyed this song and I like dancing to it. …

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