A Cluster Analysis of LIS Students in Singapore and Implications for Defining Areas of Specialization The source, Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, debates on the issue of generalization versus specialization regarding the LIS curriculum. A study of analysis was carried out via a questionnaire survey in Singapore regarding LIS students and graduates of the Master of Science information studies program at Nanyang Technological University. This cluster analysis was performed by gathering questionnaire data from each students based on the elective subjects that were selected on the questionnaire. There were two conflicting positions derived from both sets of data which were being collected from the questionnaire data. The data shows that there were a library oriented cluster and an information technology/information management oriented cluster. They argued that in each of these data which were being collected from these students, they consisted of sub-clusters which corresponded to specializations in the field. They also argued that resistance in LIS programs to subject specializations and specializations in information science and information systems has caused the profession to be fractured into different kinds of segments that rarely communicate with one another, and has limited the profession to a narrow portion of the work that it could be performing in the information society today. There was a lack of demand for specialized training from students, who were not informed about careers in the various specialized areas. The program surveyed 346 individuals of 13 LIS programs and found that students selected certain schools to attend based on geographic conveniences and not quality or availability of specialized courses in certain careers. The study also showed that 50 percent of graduate students obtained the kind of job that they had expected on enrollment in library schools and for which they had…

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