More Firms keep an eye on outgoing e-mail

Summary: This article summarizes how businesses are watching outbound emails within their company that contain sensitive or law breaking information. It also explains how companies are dealing with spam and viruses. According to a June survey by Forrester Consulting, about 30% of 140 businesses with more than 1,000 employees check outgoing mail. Companies such as financial firms and health care providers tend to screen emails to make sure that confidential information is not being shared. These companies want to protect themselves from any potential civil lawsuits by employees. Also, if information is leaked, it could damage their reputation, as well as violate federal and state regulations. Goldman Sachs had to pay $2 million in fines to settle federal regulator’s charges that its employees improperly offered securities via e-mail to institutional customers in 1999 and 2000. America Online had an employee who used company e-mail to help steal 92 million screen names of its subscribers. Finally, faulty technology was suggested as the blame for the delivery of about 200 Superior Court e-mails to a Swedish man for the past few years. Key Points: 1. This article displays ethical consequences resulting from modern technology, such as e-mail used improperly within companies and organizations by its employees. It also displays the financial burdens that these companies have handle when email is not used correctly by employees. 2. E-mail screening is common and popular among financial firms and health care providers. 3. AOL does not screen private e-mail unless it is court-ordered in a criminal investigation. 4. As a result of an employee stealing screen names; AOL has to convince its current customers as well as prospects that their screen names are secure and private. 5. Companies have the right to screen employee e-mails because it is the company who owns the e-mail domains. 6. According to David Weld who is CEO of MessageGat…

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