Monumental Stages in Real Freedom

Reconstruction started in 1865 with the end of slavery. Most people felt that the end of slavery will result in freedom, but in actuality it was just the beginning of the fight for freedom in America for African Americans. I believe that there are three monumental stages of the fight for African American’s rights. Religion, Education, and Politics put African Americans exactly where they needed to be to go to war with America. The black church kept a lot of African Americans from going crazy. It was the only place that they could go without worrying about “the white folks”. African Americans related to Jesus due to the way he was reticule and tortured by people. The bible taught them faith and they believed in it whole heartedly. The church also helped people that where in need, provided schools, and supported political leaders. In the text book The African-American Odyssey Volume Two: Since 1865 pg 265-267 explains the different types of churches in African American History. Apparently the Baptist and Methodist churches were founded by former slaves. They were very independent and the sermon was usually stated very uncomplicated. There were two divisions in Methodist churches. The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church which was developed in 1816 by some African Americans who were discriminated against in a Methodist Church in Philadelphia. The Colored Methodist Episcopal (CME) church was established with white and black Methodists. The white Methodist wanted to keep politics out of the church and concentrate on just the spiritual concept. Of course, that method did not work to well. The Presbyterian Congregational and Episcopal churches were geared toward the more successful African Americans. As stated in the Meaning of Freedom text page 267, “Freedom and education were inseparable”. To remain illiterate after emancipation was to remain enslaved…

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