Monarch Marking Systems

Abstract To fully understand how a team-based approach can be fully utilized within an organization, one just needs to look towards the Monarch Marking Systems located in Miamisburg, Ohio. This corporation has not only been recognized as one of the top manufacturers of UPC equipment but also as one of the top 10 firms in the United States for excellent leadership roles and employee involvement and motivation. This paper will show how it is possible to have a win-win situation by allowing your employees to “brainstorm” ideas and actually implement them as well. Monarch Marking Systems – A Step in the Right Direction Introduction Isn’t it amazing at the way technology has advanced over the past 30 plus years. Memories of going to the grocery store in our little town of Middletown, Ohio with my mother were filled with her comparing the stamped or printed prices on cans and boxes of food. There was always a young man in an apron which was covered with little price labels or his hands had tell-tale signs of purple ink from the hand-operated price gun he would use to price the food in the various isles of our local grocery store. There were even discussions between my mother and the grocery checkout lady about the changes that were soon coming and how most of the staff were unhappy because they believed these new changes, in reference to inventory and pricing, would eliminate their job as either the food labeler or even as the “head” checker. In 1972, at a Kroger store in Cincinnati, Ohio, the first bar code was introduced into the supermarket arena (History of Bar Codes, n.d.). This began what we know today as UPC symbols which can be found on everything from food to clothing to even the railroad industry. In reference to the bar codes, it is a proven fact that “”?bar codes and barcode readers are being used in every industry. It has become the most efficient way to track inventory, find out where your packa…

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