Mobile Phones: handy or deadly

It is of common knowledge that almost 2/3 of the world’s population has a mobile phone, and the number of people who own the device just keeps increasing. Whether these devices are just harmless communication enhancement or a cancer developer machine is a key issue being discussed all over the world. There are a lot of problems in owning a cell phone. First of all the device does not usually work when most needed, also it rings in the most inappropriate times such as meetings and classes among other situations. In addition to these annoying proprieties of the cell phones there are studies that say that the mobile phone can develop head tumors and other kinds of cancer. However, the studies of cancer caused by mobile phone are inconclusive leaving mankind with reasonable doubt Nevertheless, owning a mobile phone can be extremely handy. For instance, if one suffers an accident and one owns a cell phone, he can call for help just by pressing 9. Another good advantage of the cell phone is that it is completely portable, and has a lot of other functions imbued in it. A useful mobile can access the Internet, take pictures, be a game boy, be your notebook, provide a to do list, be a clock and alarm clock as well as your calculator. All the functions mentioned above, inside a 20 to 30 g electronic device. All in all, owning a mobile phone lies in personal choice, as it can save your life and make it easier, or it can create embarrassing situations and eventually be the cause of your death. …

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