Mime Satue In the city- day routine

My name is Metalike. I am a Tafe student at RMIT. I attend night school classes. No one knows who I am when I am in disguise. This is my hobby and the only opportunity I have to earn extra money. For four hours a day, five days a week, I stand on a pedestal entertaining shoppers. My routine, involves standing completely still like a statue for as long as I can. I resemble a statue as I have silver make up painted on me so thick that my skin can’t breathe. My pores are blocked, my skin is dry; it really isn’t the best feeling. On top of this make up I wear a silver space suit, and metal knee high boots. As you could imagine it isn’t the most comfortable outfit to wear on hot days. I a mime artist outside of Myers on Bourke Street right outside the windows they use for Christmas displays. It was a bit daunting during the first months, but I have adapted now. My job is physically intense. My muscles stiffen; I get the awkward feeling of pins and needles in all different parts of my body, it aches. Luckily, everyday gets easier. It is like physical exercise. An athlete trains often so when they compete it is much more comfortable than it was on Day one. Inside my mind there are many thoughts. My mind is thinking back and forward creating images, and new ideas. My digestive system is digesting my food; my heart is pumping my blood. I make sure I breathe constantly, like I’m meditating. You can tell it is midday. There is much more traffic on the footpath. It is hectic. Everyone is pushing and shoving to eat lunch. The city is full of the hustle and bustle with people bumping into each other. The city seems to look like a movie on fast forward. Strangers have seemingly forgot their manners. They point and stare at me. Some openly gawk while others trying to be more discreet. Folks are casting furtive glances at me before looking away. I relish the attention even when I am laughed at. Most of the onlookers believe I am a s…

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